Free Hosting Control Panel Installation (VestaCP)

We are continually asked regarding a free control panel clients can use to manage their domains, likewise we also have many customers using outdated panels such as zPanel & Kloxo which are both insecure and have led to high number of servers being compromised.

As such, we currently recommend VestaCP which is in active development and of course completely free and easy to use!

Currently Supported Operating Systems:

  • RHEL / CentOS 5,6,7
  • Debian 6,7,8
  • Ubuntu 12.04-15.10

Installation: It's pretty easy but if you want us to install it for you, we'll do it completely free! Simply submit a ticket to support!

  1. Connect to your server as root via SSH: ssh [email protected]
  2. Download installation script: curl -O
  3. Run it: bash
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