• Tuesday, March 29, 2016
We're are sick of how our current billing system by default handles PayPal recurring payments and how PayPal subscriptions works just as much as our clients. Often duplicate payments are made to the same invoice due to late subscription date or wrong amounts due to change of plan. Sadly PayPal subscriptions doesn't handle amount changes without having to first cancel the old subscription and create a new subscription. 

As of now we have implemented a new way via PayPal agreements which ensures duplicate payments do not happen and only charges for the correct amount as shown on the invoice even if you change plan. This works effectively as our credit card payments where a token is saved (agreement with PayPal) for us to charge your account when the invoice is created.

Recurring payments will be taken on invoice creation for all clients so if it fails you have a chance to rectify this. 

Please switch over to the new "PayPal (Recurring)" option on your next invoice, we will attempt to cancel the subscription and create the agreement to replace this when this is done. We have not cancelled subscriptions automatically as some clients may not be available on their next due date to do the above.

[1] Cancel all subscriptions manually - https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/article/FAQ2145/1
2] Manage your PayPal agreement - https://my.iniz.com/paypalbilling.php