• Friday, August 19, 2016


Start: Fri 26th Aug 12:30 PDT / 20:30 GMT+1
End: Fri 26th Aug 15:00 PDT / 23:00 GMT+1
Affects: All Los Angeles VPSs
*Estimated end time.

Live Updates: https://status.iniz.com/incident/17

As promised earlier in the year, we will be performing upgrades to all nodes in our Los Angeles location. As a result, we will need to expand our Los Angeles operation and are required to move to larger space within the datacenter. To do this, all LA nodes will be taken offline and moved over to our new space.

This will be phase 1 where we complete the move of our current hardware, downtime expected is in the region of 1-2 hours. We will begin shutting down all nodes at 12:30 PM PDT.

Whilst we don't anticipate any issues, clients should take a backup of their VM prior to migration starting.

Should you have any questions regarding this, please email [email protected].